At Land Rover Austin, we're proud to be the local dealership that drivers turn to for a full-service, one-stop automotive experience. We provide a number of specialized services to help our customers get the most out of every vehicle investment they make, including financing and leasing. If your lease is coming to an end, you can count on our team to help walk you through the entire return process, even if you didn't lease it from us in the first place.

A lease is a great way to get behind the wheel of the latest in automotive engineering because it allows you to set flexible, low-commitment terms, and comes with a menu of options for when the lease is up. As your lease winds down and your questions ramp up, turn to the pros in our lease return center to help. We make the entire transaction easy and transparent, so you can quickly move on to the next vehicle you want to drive.

Ending Your Lease Options in Austin

As your lease ends, a new adventure begins, and it's a choose your own adventure that puts you in the driver's seat of how you want your next steps to go. But the best part is, you don't have to go it alone. Because we're here every step of the way to help you and guide you to the best next steps for your needs.

Whether you leased your current vehicle from us or not, you have a menu of options to consider for your next steps. After this lease ends you could...

  • ...choose to purchase the vehicle you've been leasing and keep it around for the long haul with a new purchase agreement or loan.
  • ...decide to turn in the lease for an even newer lease, on one of our incredible, world-class, luxury Land Rover SUVs.
  • ...return your current lease and walk away, no questions asked, to the next automotive adventure awaiting you.

Next Steps in the Process

With each of the above options comes different next steps. If you decide to purchase the vehicle once your lease on it expires, you'll need to get an estimated purchase price and begin the financing journey with a new loan or purchase agreement.

However, if you're returning the lease, regardless of whether you decide to return it and walk away or return it for a newer lease, you will have to get the vehicle inspected before the lease expires. To prepare for the inspection, we recommend getting it cleaned and detailed, fixing any minor problems or cosmetic blemishes that have popped up through wear and tear, and bringing it up to date on all routine, necessary maintenance appointments.

New and Used Vehicles for Sale in Austin

If you're the type of person who prefers driving around town in the latest vehicles with cutting-edge features, you can use this lease return opportunity to slip behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art Land Rover SUV. Our collection is jampacked with topnotch options to consider, and we can help you exchange your lease and either purchase or lease a newer, impressive SUV from our collection.

Or perhaps you're interested in trading in your current lease and purchasing a pre-owned vehicle with quality and value. Our used inventory includes an assortment of great options for your consideration, and you can trust us to help you narrow down your choices to select your perfect fit.

Get Started in Austin Today

Contact our team for more information on the entire lease and lease return process. We look forward to working with you.

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