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Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Whatever type of adventures your Land Rover takes you on around Austin, you'll want to make sure that its tires are well taken care of. While you should be inspecting your tires often, there are certain tire and wheel maintenance issues that need to be performed on a regular basis. These include tire rotations and wheel alignments.

What Is A Tire Rotation?

A tire rotation is the act of switching the position of your tires to ensure even wear. Unlike many drivers believe, not all four tires wear at the same rate due to the way your SUV turns, drives, and handles. The rate of wear on each tire is different and, in order to have even wear on all four tires, your Land Rover requires frequent tire rotations.

When Do I Need To Schedule A Tire Rotation?

While every vehicle is different, the most common tire rotation guideline is to have your tires rotated at every oil change or about every 5,000 miles. To be sure of your specific Land Rover's suggested timeline, check in the owner's manual or talk with a member of our service center.

Why is a Tire Rotation Necessary?

If your tires are in good condition, why does it matter if you have your tires rotated or not? Even wear is extremely important not only for the health of your tires, but also for the health of your entire vehicle and the safety and quality of your Round Rock area drive. Here are three reasons why a tire rotation is so important.

  1. Uniform Tire Tread - To make your drive around Georgetown, Cedar Park, or beyond as smooth as possible, even tire tread is essential. Even tread leads to better performance, traction, and handling.
  2. Less Stress On Your Drivetrain - Especially if you're driving an all-wheel drive SUV, better tire balance puts less stress on your drivetrain, which will reduce the wear on your drive components.
  3. Maximize Your Tire's Life - Tires are expensive, especially when you have to change all four simultaneously. Even wear prolongs the life of each tire and allows you to save your money and spend less on your new tire purchases.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is when a mechanic puts your wheels at the right angle to the road and each other. Sometimes your wheels can be knocked out of alignment and need to be readjusted. You'll also need a wheel alignment performed if you've had new tires installed on your Land Rover. A wheel alignment is designed to make your car balanced and ready for any Cedar Park drive.

Why is a Wheel Alignment Important?

Wheel alignments are necessary for multiple reasons. Not only will balancing your SUV allow for an even overall ride, but it will also make your drive safer and better for your vehicle. If your wheels aren't aligned, you'll put more stress on the other parts of your drivetrain, causing faster wear and tear, as well as more wear on your tires.

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Have you hit that massive pothole in Austin recently? Is your SUV veering to the left or right when it should be going straight? Has it been a while since you've had your tires rotated? If any of these are the case, don't hesitate to contact our Land Rover North Austin dealership. Our team of certified Land Rover technicians would love to help you with any type of routine maintenance or repair and get you back out on the road today!